2 A fast acting, low dose, cannabis infused granola bite.

Natuur is a fast acting, low dose, cannabis infused granola bite. When the founders went looking for low-dose, healthier options for edibles, they kept ending up with chocolates and gummies – so they built their own. Natuur bites use vegan, gluten-free ingredients you can pronounce and most likely find in your own pantry.

We knew from day one that this was a brand launching in the Mid-Western and Eastern US states where legal cannabis is still new. That, along with the low-dose approach to edibles informed our strategy to make the branding accessible to a wide range of personas, from the 'canna-curious, to 'I haven't tried weed since college'. This meant a friendly approach, with bold but warm typography, and product communication so clear that it became a primary component of the packaging itself.

For the pre-launch imagery we teamed up with Ross Mason, and focused on flavour cues and abstract simplicity to reflect their stripped back approach ingredients.

Identity / Packaging
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