Echo Bay Vineyard

Using synoptic weather symbols to build a rich brand foundation

Drawing on part of the research phase that explored the traditional method of weather tracking and recording (synoptic weather tracking), a rich library of symbols emerged that formed the backbone of the Echo Bay Vineyard brand. When recorded throughout the day, month and year, the system of weather symbols can tell the story of the growing season and ultimately the wine. With this unique system and foundation of graphic symbols, the brand has a wealth of themes to draw on and to continue expressing the conditions and elements that help to craft their wines. This system was made to flex and evolve for different segments, tiers, and brand offshoots as they expand in size.

In 2019 the project was published and awarded by both Applied Arts, and Communication Arts Magazine, for branding and packaging excellence within the alcoholic beverage category. Further complementing the visual identity is the fact that the wine itself is exceptional and very well received. Creating a brand for a product that is made with integrity is a blessing, and adds a layer of trust to the entire design process – where everyone truly believes in what they're building.

Identity / Packaging
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