Sector: Wine + Beverage
Year: 2019
Positioning, Identity, Packaging Design, Art Direction, Ecommerce


This unique Okanagan micro-winery had an opportunity to launch a brand, but without the benefit of a physical location for guests to visit and taste.

This restriction meant the brand would have to lean harder on digital strategy and ecommerce.

The other and perhaps more important constraint was that not being a traditional estate meant no steady supply of grapes...


Using minimal intervention and a low-tech approach, Plot wines are a reflection of where they come from and have been guided, not forced, to their final state.

The name ‘plot’ is a reference to the approach of sourcing grapes from an ever-changing roster of partner growers across the valley – a practice a lot of wineries use, but Plot is a brand will celebrate it. The identity makes use of actual land parcel icons on each bottle, and varietal.

In a distinct retro-vibe, but with minimalist approach, Plot uses nostalgic type, copy, graphics and photography to connect to an audience who shares a love for new-world BC wine, local nostalgia, and top notch wine without an ego.


Launched in Fall 2019, Plot is already sold in over 20 BC restaurants, liquor stores, and now through it’s own e-commerce channel.

As further marketing support, events, and press coverage evolves, we’ll update this project to follow Plot’s growth. In the meantime, you can follow here.